An Exceptional Half Year Performance

Did you know British car manufacturing figures topped a 16-year high in the first half of 2016? This is great news for our candidates as despite Brexit concerns, the automotive industry is witnessing improving prospects and continued growth.

Road to Success

Paving the way to success, car manufacturers invested billions of pounds in developing new models to meet increasing consumer demand in recent years. With many initiatives coming to fruition, over 900,000 cars rolled off production lines at UK factories in the first six months of the year. At Holt Recruitment we believe that this not only dispels fears surrounding the negative impact of the Brexit vote but sets the stage for our candidates to benefit from more job opportunities within the automotive industry.

Driving Forward

Currently, the UK enjoys both a highly skilled workforce and an excellent reputation for producing quality vehicles. These strengths will give us the ability to confidently confront the Brexit, ensuring the future prosperity of the entire automotive industry. They will not only help to maintain demand for British vehicles in Europe post-Brexit but, grow demand in new markets around the globe.

In line with this success, there will be an urgent need for more skilled and innovative workers to join the industry and drive forward future levels of production. Keen to overcome this immense challenge, at Holt Recruitment we are ideally placed to offer specialist expertise to vehicle manufacturers and dealerships. We’ve made it our mission to find and assist innovative professionals as more exciting automotive careers arise.

Taking the Wheel

As the number one supplier to most car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, we have been witnessing our own record-breaking performances this year. Playing a vital role, we take pride in the fact that we offer all our candidates access to an unparalleled automotive careers database. Looking to the future and promoting the growth of the UK manufacturing sector, Holt Recruitment will be meeting the needs of an ever expanding automotive industry.

Stuart Holt, Director of Holt Recruitment comments:

“Employing roughly 160,000 people the UK automotive manufacturing sector has grown dramatically over the past few years. Celebrating record production figures the industry shows no sign of slowing down and is continuing to thrive despite the Brexit vote. Maintaining excellent prospects for automotive professionals, as it grows, we will be offering an unparalleled level of expertise that will help companies and candidates to fulfil a diverse range of roles.’’