Are you an Eco-Innovator?



Climate change presents an ongoing challenge for the UK’s automotive industry. Over many years the auto trade has been working hard to drive down vehicle emissions, to improve both air quality and protect the environment.

Did you know?

  • It takes 50 new cars today to produce the same amount of harmful emissions as one vehicle built in
  • CO2 emissions in new cars, a key pollutant which has been linked to climate change, have now reached a record low.
  • New cars are now 20% more fuel efficient than the average used

These achievements have ultimately come down to continual investments in ever more advanced vehicle technologies and in the skilled professionals who create them. Looking to the future, we can expect even more pressure on companies to tackle issues surrounding the environment. Therefore, we are advising candidates to display eco-knowledge in their CV’s and during their interviews.

Eco Opportunities!

The growth of two key markets is currently presenting huge opportunities in the automotive jobs sector.  Firstly, the UK’s new car production has grown by 3.2% – the best half-year performance ever recorded.  Even more outstanding, the demands of the supply chain and logistics sector have seen European production levels for new commercial vehicles, increase by 16.4%, with 187,134 new Commercial Vehicles registered in May alone. This expansion will mean fleet companies, vehicle manufacturers, and dealerships will be looking to build up their teams with new staff and experienced professionals. In a booming industry, displaying excellent eco-knowledge will be one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in the competitive automotive jobs market.

Stand out from the Crowd…

It will be up to future candidates to build on the tremendous progress that the auto trade has made in cutting emissions, developing technologies and introducing new energy efficient business practices. The future of the industry will rely on talented individuals finding innovative solutions. By demonstrating eco-innovation candidates will make themselves more attractive to employers as the Government continues to introduce new regulations and sets more ambitious emissions targets. We take pride in our role having sought out the best professional candidates for most of the big name Manufacturers, as well as for roles within the Dealership, Retail, HGV, PSV, Recovery, Fleet and Bodyshop industries.

Stuart Holt, Director of Holt Recruitment says:

“Reflecting heavy investment, the automotive industry has made extraordinary progress in bringing advanced emission reducing vehicles to market. Modern vehicles are now cleaner and more efficient than ever before. With production increasing year on year, we can expect stricter emissions regulations. Those seeking careers within the thriving automotive industry will need to continue this momentum, helping to develop ever more inventive solutions. Demonstrating eco-knowledge will, therefore, be an essential tool for those entering or moving upwards in their desired automotive careers.’’