Our Team

Stuart Holt – Director – LinkedIn Profile

I always wanted to work somewhere that was professional and hardworking but where they still placed an emphasis on having fun at work; I couldn’t find one, so I built one.
I’m happy to say I genuinely think everyone that works for this company enjoys coming to work, and for me that is what it is all about.
I still like to keep my hand in on the actual recruitment side of the business, the idea being to lead from the front but I have to admit the team are starting to beat me to the top of the league table.
I love to travel and having spent five years living and travelling in some very random places; from a Lion Sanctuary in Zimbabwe to the Snowy Mountains of New Zealand; I like to think I have so far made the most of life.

Dawn Saxby-Willis – Sales Manager – LinkedIn Profile

I joined Holt as the Sales Manager in December 2016 and can easily say that this is the best recruitment environment I have ever worked in. My 17 years industry experience adds great value to our team and I work with brilliant people who make me belly laugh every day.

Good food, socializing and living life to the full features heavily within the Holt culture and pretty much sums up a few of my hobbies. I’m also a massive animal lover and so it came as no surprise to my old work colleagues when I arrived back from lunch covered in mud and without shoes because I had just busted in to a field to “rescue” an old, male bull with 3 foot horns!

Richard Haigh – Recruitment Manager – LinkedIn Profile

Golf and food that’s about it really !
When I am not at Holt Recruitment ( which is rarely ) I will be found either on the golf course or in the kitchen !! I try hard to get a good life balance but sometimes it is a little difficult in our line of work.
I consider myself very focused, driven and a real team player, if someone has a problem here I am generally the one they go to.
I truly care about Holt Recruitment as a company and all the clients that I have the pleasure of working with.

For me it’s all about customer service !!

Helen Westhead – Operations Manager – LinkedIn Profile

I like to think I bring a bit of Cornish sparkle to the company and I am an optimistic person. I enjoy an organised operation and 9 times out of 10 I will remember the crucial (often random) piece of information that someone needs. Failing that, I’ll probably have a pretty looking excel spreadsheet that no one even knew about.

Joining Holt in it’s earlier days of 2011 I am considered one of the older members – in both time served and unfortunately age!  Despite this I’ll always be amongst the last few standing on our nights out.

Piam Pishgoo – Business Manager – LinkedIn Profile

Long story short, there is never a dull moment when I am in the office. I bring a certain originality, zest and diversity to our Bodyshop Division at Holt Recruitment.  I have earned a very good reputation in the Automotive Industry and I am extremely proud of the recommendations and testimonials I receive from my clients.

In my own time I let off some steam by boxing in the gym during the week but the weekends are for letting loose; eating out (the odd burger challenge) and enjoying a couple of cold ones with friends. I like living life to the max, I have travelled the world and experienced a lot but deep down I love nothing more than spending time with my family.

Peter O’Sullivan – Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

Where do I start, my nickname in the office is Dancing Pete; enough said!  I have now been with Holt Recruitment for a year and I can’t believe how quick the time has gone.  It is a great office to work in, the people and banter are great.  Away from work I love spending time with my children & partner, I also like watching the football and having a good time is pretty much how you’ll find me!  Oh and I like to indulge in the occasional “Big Mac Challenge.”  I am looking forward to the next 12 months with Holt and the opportunities that this will bring.

Andy Gosling – Senior Commercial Fleet Recruiter – LinkedIn Profile

I have come from the Hays School of Recruitment so I am organised and highly motivated. My claim to fame is that I still have the record for the highest number of temporary workers out at one time in the area.  I have been working in motor trade recruitment now for a number of years and have a wealth of knowledge in the commercial sector as well as dealership and retail.  Outside of work it pretty much comes down to family time with my 4 children and as much football as I can get in.  I’m a bit of a Bear Grylls at heart, I love nothing more than to be outside in the forest with the boys making dens and bows and arrows.

Steve Bennett – Senior Commercial Vehicle & Fleet RecruiterLinkedIn Profile

After many years of working directly for dealerships in the motor trade and working my way up the ranks, the time came to explore the world of Recruitment and I have never looked back! Being a recruiter for approaching 4 years now, I have built a great reputation with my clients and candidates alike and I take great pride in what I do.

“Work hard, play hard” I am always getting told, so when not working you will either find me in a muddy field with a Beretta in hand attempting to shoot a good clay pigeon score or keeping entertained through some other venture such as go karting, track days, weekends away and exotic holidays (most recent being Bali – Epic!).

“If you do what you love, you love what you do.”

Ross Goode – Commercial Vehicle & Fleet RecruiterLinkedIn Profile

I am currently the new boy in the office but have been made so welcome by everyone who works here.  Coming from a Sales Management background, I enjoy communicating with both customers and businesses and I am loving the rewards recruitment gives you.  In my spare time, I love spending it with my wife and 3 children – occasionally playing but mostly watching football – especially my team, Arsenal!  I have never enjoyed working for a company as much as I do Holt Recruitment and look forward to my future with them!

Rosie Vallance – Commercial Vehicle & Fleet Recruiter – LinkedIn Profile

Described in my interview as a “Corporate Hippy” I like to have my foot in two camps.  With 10 years of sales experience in both customer facing roles and management, I have built a passion for fast paced working environments during the week, to fund my love of being with people outside – camping with friends, holidays, festivals, canoeing and sunshine…  Now being able to amalgamate my love for people with an opportunity to make my world a better place, I feel like I have really landed on my feet.  Holt has been the most welcoming and supportive company I have ever worked for, and I am looking forward to what the future is going to bring with such a fantastic team of people.  Watch this space.

Rose Clarke – Commercial Vehicle & Fleet Recruiter LinkedIn Profile

Well I am the Rose of the Roses… I’ve finally come across a job with the right work/life balance, it was stumbled upon, so as they say ‘meant to be’ and all that. I have a pretty dry sense of humour, and most of the time I’m being sarcastic. Out of work you will usually find me eating (love a good munch), daydreaming and listening to music.  I love long walks and a good bit of scenery, the kind that takes your breath away.  Since joining Holt Recruitment I have been made to feel so welcome and comfortable just being myself which is down to the cracking bunch of people I have the pleasure of working with. I look forward to making memories and progressing with the company.

Scott Bailey – Senior Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

Before joining Holt I had always been interested in the Recruitment industry, I wondered whether it was something I could personally manage.  Coming from an Insurance Telesales background I have always been comfortable speaking to customers, closing the sale and moving on to the next one!  Recruitment has been a complete game change for me with a process to follow and a lot more admin!  I am so happy that I did make this move, it was such a good feeling when I got my first placement and saw how much of a difference I could make to someone’s career!

At the weekends I love being able to spend some time with my family; being a twin myself, with seven sisters and 30 nephews and nieces it does take a lot of my time!!  With a family as big as ours, I had to be in sales to pay for the birthday and Christmas presents each year!

Eric Duxbury – Recruitment Consultant LinkedIn Profile

After leaving Bournemouth University I began my first role in Recruitment for a number of years in the Hospitality sector. After 3 years I took some time out to catch a plane to Japan & spend a fair bit of time with my partner, mostly eating and being a massive tourist, then back to Bournemouth this time to recruit within the Automotive industry. Both share their similarities being in the Service Sector and being hugely important to the UK Economy – the pace is & always will be fast & furious (you heard the pun here first) & I have grown to love that. Outside of work you’ll probably find me, at a gig, on a squash court, at the studio, or back in the office sourcing hard to fill jobs.

Matthew Morris – Recruitment ConsultantLinkedIn Profile

Originally from Buckinghamshire, I have recently moved to the South Coast leaving the busy City for more of a fulfilling life with my family.  With me I bring a work-hard play-hard attitude and whilst I am relatively new to recruitment, I feel that even years of experience are no substitute for the right attitude.  Wearing a suit at 6 feet 5 I certainly fit into the consultative recruiter position, but I am also a creative person; formerly working in design for over 6 years I worked in Interior design for one of Europe’s largest interior solution suppliers. Bournemouth is a beautiful place to live and when I’m not in work you’ll catch me on the golf course practicing my swing and competing in society competitions. Recently nicknamed Johnny, my new colleagues tell me I look like Johnny from Love Island. Holt couldn’t have been more welcoming to me, making me feel like part of the team from day one.  I look forward to working here for the long term and growing with them.

Jason Fry – Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

I was very fortunate to be put forward to Holt by a good friend of mine who I’m now pleased to call a colleague! Bournemouth born and bred, I cannot believe I have only just come across the world of recruitment and in particular, Holt Recruitment. I have been made to feel very welcome by all the guys here and it’s great to part of the Holt family who have perfected the work life balance! With my hard work and dedication,  I cannot wait to see what I can achieve over the next 12 months.

On the weekends you’ll find me spending my time between the football field and the pub, but I’ll always find time to get into the gym during the week to make up for my questionable eating habits. Who doesn’t love food right?!

Kieran Wilson – Associate Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

Joinging Holt straight from Sixth Form and being the youngest, I thought it might be a challenge entering a real working environment but that’s far from the truth. The environment at Holt is spot on, there’s always a comment being made or joke bouncing around the office which suits who I am perfectly; there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t gone home happy.  Personally, I love food, music and rugby, which is pretty standard for the office, and having grown up watching a few members of the office playing rugby, to now be playing for their old team and working with them in the office is just awesome.  I have always been confident in communicating with all different types of people and dishing out the banter when it’s due, so I haven’t struggled at all to fit in with the team.  I couldn’t have landed a better first job and I’m both grateful for the opportunity and keen to bring successes for both myself and the company.

Melanie McCallion – Associate Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

After spending many years in the sales industry, the last 4 being in a fast paced, sales driven customer service department, its been a refreshing experience to take a step into the world of recruitment. Recruitment has always been an avenue I’ve wanted to explore, and as the newest recruit here at Holt, I have been made to feel welcomed and inspired by all of the hard working, friendly and fun team.

Outside of work you will usually find me listening to music and surrounding myself with food, family, friends and fitness. I look forward to my future here at Holt!

Kelly Ratcliffe – Administrator and Marketing Associate – LinkedIn Profile

As one of the newer recruits in this fabulous company, you’ll usually see me drinking unhealthy amounts of tea, telling the team about the latest (and crazy) things trending on social media , or checking out the latest automotive news! I’ve already won a couple of awards in my time here, including joint sassiest female, and letting my hair down (a bit too much) at a recent after work party. It’s safe to say I work hard and play harder!

Outside of the office, I’m a bit of an adventurer and always trying to experience new things, be it unusual  food, new activities or meeting new people. Last year I visited 9 different countries around the world… so I don’t think I’m doing too badly!

Chariece Jones – Administrator and Resourcer – LinkedIn Profile

I joined Holt Recruitment as an Administrator in March 2017, my background until then was within the travel industry and I visited some beautiful places during my 3 years as a travel consultant.  My favourite being the beautiful ski resort of Bormio. The novelty of work-free weekends in recruitment will never wear-off for me, which I think some take for granted.  After a busy week I like nothing better than cosying up with my faithful Springer Spaniel Snoop to a Marvel film marathon and a good bar of chocolate.  Whilst my nickname in the office is Chicken Dippers, I am actually a pescatarian.  I may not eat red-meat like everyone else at Holt but you won’t catch me shying away from the food challenges !  I have fitted in so quickly with everyone here at Holt and look forward to welcoming others as we expand.

Lauren Watts – Recruitment Consultant – LinkedIn Profile

I’ve only been with Holt Recruitment for a short while and joining the company was one of the best decisions I’ve made!  I already feel like part of the Holt family and enjoy hearing all of the crazy stories the guys have to tell.  I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl and I like to think I bring a good energy to the company.  I love travelling and recently returned from a 6 week trip around the East Coast of America. My favourite pastime is food and you will always find me first up at the table if there’s any around!