Autoraise Holt

Holt Sponsor the AutoRaise Rally 2022

The AutoRaise Rally is back for 2022 – after a two-year break due to the COVID pandemic. The AutoRaise Rally will take place from 21-23 September 2022 starting at the Caffeine & Machine in Stratford then heading off to take in the amazing landscapes of Wales over two days, including stays in …

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automotive jobs

4 Paths for Jobs in Automotive Careers

With so many Automotive Careers and opportunities to side-step to alternative jobs, the Automotive Industry is a Marketplace full of Job Opportunities. Whether you are just starting out from School or University, looking for promotion or side-stepping into a new role, the prospects are endless. The Automotive Industry is a …

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should you move jobs to help cope with price rises

Should you move jobs to help cope with Price Rises?

If you are considering moving jobs to keep up with inflation and the souring price rises then you are in good company – around a third of the UK workforce (37%) is considering moving jobs to increase their wages by the end of 2022. “It never rains but it pours” …

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5 Reasons To Use An Automotive Recruitment Specialist For Your Next Job

Job hunting can be a demanding task, especially if you are already in a job and are juggling your working day with looking for something new. Let’s face it, looking for new automotive jobs can feel like a full-time commitment. If you are an automotive professional looking for a new …

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Vision-S By Sony

When you were younger did you ever imagine what cars would be like in the year 2020? Flying and autonomous vehicles were certainly at the forefront of many minds… well, this is pretty close to it! Welcome to Vision-S by Sony. The launch for a self-driving, electric car. The Vision-S …

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Volvo’s XC40 Makes Bold Statement

Who’s seen the new Volvo Recharge SUV? Volvo’s XC40 makes a bold statement alongside making some strong promises for upcoming years… Volvo is known for being a safety company since 1927. Although being ‘safe’ they admit that they have not been safe regarding the planet and climate change. This led …

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The Importance of Enjoying Where You Work

Enjoying where you work has a knock-on effect on your personal life and physical/mental health, so make sure you’re in a role that you love!   Is it really that easy? How do we find the ever-elusive ‘Work / Life balance’? Watch as Paul Jacobs, shares a little more insight …

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Dealership & Retail #JobsOfTheDay with Joe Hampton

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn know our #JobsOfTheWeek segment pretty well by now. If you don’t, it’s basically a quick weekly video where we tell you about some of the jobs, clients and the available vacancies for the week – because who has time for …

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#InterviewTips: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Upcoming Interview

So you’ve landed yourself an interview – congratulations! Your potential new employer obviously liked what they’ve seen on paper, now all you’ve got to do is make a good impression in person. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is, or can be if you pay attention to the details. To …

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How to Get More Done In 2018

“Where did 2017 go?”   It’s 2018 … already! As thoughts and to-do lists rush through our minds, how will I stick to this year’s resolutions, or what an earth are we going to do with all these Christmas shower gel gift sets, managing your time becomes even more of …

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