How to Get More Done In 2018

Frog carrying work

“Where did 2017 go?”


It’s 2018 … already! As thoughts and to-do lists rush through our minds, how will I stick to this year’s resolutions, or what an earth are we going to do with all these Christmas shower gel gift sets, managing your time becomes even more of a challenge.
In life, and with society’s demand to get more done in less time, we often need to ask ourselves what really needs to get done and what gets pushed aside.

We’ve asked some busy members of Holt Automotive what time constraints we often need to tackle and how to get things done:


Richard – Recruitment Manager

Introducing myself to new clients is something you need to make time for. I often get busy with current projects that sometimes I don’t get in touch with them as consistently as I want to. To help manage this, I give myself strict deadlines for certain tasks to ensure I’m constantly moving in the right direction.


Kelly – Administrator/ Marketing Associate

My job is quite reactive, so I often worry if I’m tackling my tasks in the right order and prioritising well enough.

Each day, I jot down a mental to-do list, which is something I pride myself on. This goes for both daily work tasks and things outside of work, like when I’ll fit in workouts or visit friends. My rule is: if it’s not on the to-do list, it won’t get done that day.


Ross – Recruitment consultant: Commercial Vehicle, Plant & Fleet DivisionFrog carrying work

I get FOMO (fear of missing out) with my time in the office. I’m worried whilst filling placements and chatting with my great candidates, that I’m missing out on an opportunity to learn something new about the future of autonomous vehicles or meet someone new and exciting outside the office.

Focusing on one thing at a time helps me achieve all my goals. If I’m focused, clear about what I need to do, and realistic about the time I need to get it done, it’s not a huge issue.


We have your back

Managing your time is hard to do, but we can all relate, on some level, to the fears shared above. And many of these fears are the exact reason Holt Recruitment came into existence.

We all have stressful, tough jobs. Don’t be afraid to test the waters this year by contacting us, whether you’re looking for a new role in the motor-trade, or can’t find the exact fit for your organisation, Holt Automotive are here to lend a hand!

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