Volvo’s XC40 Makes Bold Statement

Who’s seen the new Volvo Recharge SUV? Volvo’s XC40 makes a bold statement alongside making some strong promises for upcoming years…

Volvo is known for being a safety company since 1927. Although being ‘safe’ they admit that they have not been safe regarding the planet and climate change. This led them to the realisation that their products have indefinitely contributed to climate change. Now that climate change is such an enormous problem, Volvo has decided that they need to make a change…

Every new Volvo made will be electric. They have also said that they will launch a brand new, pure, electric model each year for the next five years. With high ambitions, Volvo is hoping to push this change onto their plants through running solely on renewable energy by the year 2025.

Even the materials in the cars will be made out of sustainable materials to better their carbon footprint. As well as this, Volvo is planning to reward customers who drive in pure electric mode to maintain their sustainability promise.

The bold statement of reducing CO2 levels by 40% with each car they produce will start with Volvo’s XC40 Recharge. This will be a new era for the manufacturing of vehicles and the hope of becoming climate neutral by 2040, sounds great… if they can pull it off!

Hitting these targets will require increased use of renewable electricity at its auto-assembly plants in Europe, China and the U.S. and greater reuse of recycled materials, from steel, aluminium and plastics to cobalt from spent consumer market lithium-ion batteries.

The New XC40 Recharge EV is the start of Volvo’s revolutionary 40% reduction of carbon emissions in their products.


Volvo XC40 Recharge Features:

– DC Fast charge: up to 150 kW, charging to 80% in 40 minutes.
– Onboard AC charger is 11kW
– Bluetooth phone key
– No start button, just sit down and touch the brake
– Wireless phone charging
– 408 horsepower
– 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds


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