Why us?

For Our Candidates


Consultancy Service

We offer a true consultancy service, unlike most other agencies who will simply offer you the positions they have, we will use our extensive connections throughout the motor industry to go out there and find you the position you want.

Communication is the Key

By asking the right questions and actually listening to your answers we will help you to make the right decisions. We are an upfront organisation that will work with you to find the right position, not just the next one.


If you are not qualified enough for a specific position we will tell you, but we won’t just leave it there. We will work with you to create a career plan on how to get you where you want to be.


For Our Clients


No Mass Sending CV’s

Aren’t you sick of agencies sending you a million CV’s in the vain hope that one may be suitable? WE DON’T … we are not targeted by volumes of CV’s sent like other agencies. As a company rule, we would rather send you no candidates, than sending you lots and get you to do our job for us.


We spend the time to LISTEN to you to find out what you actually want, not just the skill set you require but the type of character that you need to complete your team.


Holt Recruitment

We are a successful, specialist Recruitment Consultancy which has been approved for membership by the REC.

With over 25 years recruitment experience, we have the proven skills and knowledge to provide you with the very best a recruitment company can offer.

We provide our clients with a complete range of services to meet all of their requirements.

These services include:

  • Database Search
  • Short-Term temporary staff/ Long Term contractors
  • HR Management
  • Complete outsourced HR Solutions
  • Executive Search and Select
  • Multiple Vendor Recruitment, Preferred Supplier and Sole Supplier Services

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